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Intern On Parade

Comedy Short film coming soon. 2022

Writer / Director / Cinematographer

IOP Offical POSTER.jpg

Hugo Boss - Man of Today

What does it mean to be the #Manoftoday ? We all have a unique story to tell, here is mine. 2020

Director / Cinematographer

Vielside Promo

Veilside Co., Ltd. is an aftermarket automotive company that initially sold suspension and engine tuning parts, and now sells interior as well as body parts for aerodynamic and aesthetic enhancement of the vehicle. Here is a promo for their body kit on a 350z. 2019

Director / Cinematographer

Pitch Boys

Wachel, Inc. is quickly losing value. Unbeknownst to the Pitch Boys, Whitney Wachel himself is the root of their problem. In an attempt to evolve from his hedonistic ways, Whitney must confront his Pitch Boys and risk losing the company… or continue down his current path and risk losing his soul. 

Comedy / Satire 2020

Director / Cinematographer



A convicted felon is haunted by his past and struggles to cope with reality. In his distress, he writes an award-winning autobiography.

Drama / Thriller 2019

Writer / Director


Manganni Salvaticus Promo

A new path to fitness has dawned upon us, the Manganni Era. We've rediscovered the most effective movements that have been scientifically proven, through time and nature; to maximize strength, increase muscle density, and enhance agility. Manganni Salvaticus is an arena for warriors of all ages. Come experience it in person and join the tribe! 2018

Director / Cinematographer


Go Rally

The place for every adult to release their inner child and drive!

Action Star

The world's toughest woman is confronted by her biggest threat yet. Will she prevail? Or will she fall at the hands of her enemy?

Comedy / Action 2018

Director / Cinematographer

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